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We strive for excellence. Beautiful design, quality production, fast delivery.
We make every effort and do our job right. Our clients value this and come back again.
Every team is as strong as its weakest link. There are only professionals in our agency.

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Drukas maketu noformēšanas prasības

Print File Submission Guidelines

1) Print files should be in pdf format in 300 - 600 ppi resolution, CMYK colors only.
Embed all linked files. The text must be converted into curves or outlines.

2) Allow for 5 mm bleeds beyond the borders. Design elements must extend all the way to the edge of the bleed.

3) Safety margins should be no less than 5 mm inside the trim line.

4) All files should be provided with cropmarks.


Print file must be sent in as a single pdf file with separate page for each individual print.
All digital prints except large format are printed on 320 x 450 mm sheets.
Please, keep this in mind when formatting printer's marks!