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We use modern Xerox printing technology for all our digital prints. We use only special paper manufactured for Xerox printers. It is snow-white, high-quality digital print material that ensure highest print production quality.

You will find here prices for most popular printing products and quantities. Contact us if the product you need isn’t listed here!



Few things worth knowing!

Xerox Colotech plus is a highest quality digital material specifically produced for Xerox printers to ensure highest possible quality for every print product.

What is a "design"? - it is a high quality visual concept by one of our designers that communicate client idea using graphics and text. Our professional graphic designers strive for "WOW, I like it!" reaction from our clients. We offer 2-3 sketches for our graphic designs within 3-5 working days.

What is a "layout"? -  it is final arrangement of text and design elements, a process during which a specialist prepares a file to be reproduced especially by printing.

Prices for products are informative and are subject to change without notice!