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Adhesive tapes

Tape colours: white, brown or transparent
Thickness: 25 microns
Tape roll width: 5 cm
Tape roll length: 66 m

Visualisation, layout and print file: 30 EUR


One-colour job
Quantity (pcs) 36 72 144 360
Price (EUR) 116 161 243 443

Cliché production: 45 EUR (one time payment)


Two-color job
Quantity (pcs) 36 72 144 360
Price (EUR) 125 169 250 451

 Cliché production: 80 EUR (one time payment)

We offer wide range of adhesive tapes for general purpose, cardboards and glass wrapping. We also provide "silent" low noise tape that offers significant noise reduction over standard polypropylene self adhesive tape. It is also possible to order low temperature performance tapes that allow to work in environments as cold as -25°C.

If you are interested in detailed product technical specification, quantity, or just need a consultation, please, call us - we'll be happy to help!

* prices in EUR without VAT